Welcome – Do we need to talk?

Sept 9, 2022

As TFY has stumbled back into online existence, it’s time to address issues, issue a welcome and welcome our new members/subscribers.

In welcoming, TFY would also like to ask a question: How did you find us? And what do you think of your experience as a subscriber so far?

For all interested in answering this, please email and give your feedback. Of course we won’t ask you to do this for nothing, so as a thank you an exclusive short story that will remain a “feedback exclusive” (until it might appear in some short story compilation when/if we’re ever running low on ideas); will be send to you – unless you specifically asks us not to.

Though TFY has a special affinity for Science Fiction and AI in particular, the ones behind our project are mere humans and susceptible to the human condition. Which is why our online presence for the time being is somewhat wobbly as one of the workes is too. But in a very near future we will endeavour to keep you posted on our 4 mainstream media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and possibly some 4th platform I presently have forgotten about.

Otherwise, there’ll also be postings on this blog irregularly.

So, a reasonably warm welcome and we hope you’ll enjoy what you find here or what you’ve subscribed to, even if you with every right can say: “This is not what I subscribed to.”