Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Short version:

Every download is final, by accepting this buyer waIvers the right to return. This is valid for single buyers as well as members. Should more than 24 hours pass before download is completed, due to a issue regarding talesforu.com, the transaction will be cancelled. (See also Terms & conditions extended version).

Extended version:

Every download is final. By accepting this buyer waivers the right to return bought download. If the download has been completed, no refunds will be issued. When buyer presses buy and has accepted Terms & conditions and transaction has started, buyer can no longer cancel the download. (see also problems with downloading).

In occurence of problems with download/file.
Download will be available shortly after being bought. In the occurence of more than an hour from buying to recieving download and this has not been caused by connection or equipment with the reci- pant, please contact complaints@taelsforyou.com.
Likewise if the file downloaded will not open or other, please contact complaints@talesforyou.com. All files are ordinary Pdf format, accessible to every pc, tablets ect. If buyer haven’t recived the down- load, another can be send, when payment hasd been confirmed. Allow 2 – 3 days to proces this. Should a problem arise with the service on the part of talesforyou.com, a mail will be send; to keep buyers and members posted as to when a solution is found. In this occurence, downloads bought will not be refunded, should an extended time pass before download is recieved. If more than 24 hours pass before download is recieved, due to issues from talesforyou.com, the purchase will automatically be cancelled.

Every download purchased is private property.
Copying, distribution and massproduction in any form is prohibited and will cause enforcement of the law. The avoidance of such mentioned above, is the responsibility of buyer, meaning all purchases is private property and if being copyied by bystander, the responsible party is buyer.

Membership is obtained by creating a personal profile. This is done by filling out the subscription page. Having done that and pressing ’subscribe’, will confirm buyers subscription with talesforyou.com. Pay- ment for 1 months membership will be withdrawn from the creditcard of the subscriber, the moment the first download has been send. Membership can at any time be cancelled.

Cancellation of membership.
Cancellation of membership is done by logging on to talesforyou.com, go to ’Membership/Cancel membership.’
When unsubscribing, any previous privilegde as subscriber is immidiately forfeited. Has cancellation of subscription been done by mistake, a 14-day period remains to take contact to the following: complaints@talesforyou.com and cancel the unsubscription, to maintain the privileges earned as member.