Hello Tales For You Readers

Hello Reader.

If you’re reading this you must be a newcomer.

But times are a changing and so we will. Here’s some reasons why:

When we started out the main idea was to make a graphic novel, titled Grey Cat. That later became the foundation for making an ebook store, with said novel as the proverbial cash cow. However as making GN’s takes an awful lot of time, it was decided to make a TFY subscription module. Then Readers could subscribe to chapters each month as they were being made.

Interest has been sparse, perhaps because no one know about TFY; though we’ve been on the way for more than a decade now. Attempts to try to find our audience has been made, with the help of our wonderful social media manager. Though a few has followed, none chose to subscribe. Maybe that isn’t so strange as subscribing to all kinds of media has become a scourge of modern times.

Thus TFY has decided to end the subscription thing. Now we’ll try to make it as a more old fashioned book store, simply putting content on the shelves for Readers to pick. But what about Grey Cat? As the volume is near fisnished we want to sell it, of course. It’ll be done in a similar way, with new chapters being put on the shelve each for Readers to buy. Or, if You’re the impatient type, the whole volume will be available shortly, for an extra cost.
The idea of doing a crowdfunding campaign for Grey Cat is currently being discussed as well.

Other than that, TFY will continue to produce short stories and novels for Your perusal. Two other Graphic Novels are also in the making, with chapters to be put on the shelve very soon.

That’s it for now.

March 31 – 2024

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